Look at this beautiful quilt ! After 11 months, this came back to me. I started this RBR (row-byrow), with a row of free pieced letters, saying "HAPPY DAYS".
My request was happy colors. I have been waiting 10 months for it to return along with 10 new rows.
In these months I have been making rows for the other 10 ladies.
I have to thank every single one of them. They have done lovely work, and I could not be more happy !!
The ladies are all members og Quilt i Norge.
They are:
The-sun (Britta Hohne)
Lillesnuppa (Britt Helen Settem)
Rita R (Rita Rønning)
Ruth@ (Ruth Sletta)
Lykke (Borghild)
Syglad (Sylvi )
Kirsten (Kisten )
Nina in Norway (Nina Kleppe)
Toja (Toril Dyrstad)
Farmormor (Liv)
+  madir ( me, Mari Idland)


  1. Teppet ditt ble virkelig fint altså.
    Masse flotte farger.
    Jeg er også veldig godt fornøyd med mitt.

  2. En skikkelig glad-quilt! Nydelig.